Most Popular General Knowledge Questions

Amit Sharma
  1. Software that can manipulate or destroy data in a computer is known as VIRUS
  2. Spice Garden of India-Kerala
  3. Forbiden City-Lhasa*Israel Parliament-Knesset
  4. Varnasi old name-Banaras
  5. Mirage is formed due to: Refraction & total internal reflection of light.
  6. Viscosity means: Resistance to flow.
  7. d state wth largst mangrove forest area?
  8. d Union territory wth largst mangrove forest area?
    -Andaman Nicobar
  9. Who won Wimbledon's Men's Title-2011?
    -Novak Djokovic(Serbia).
  10. He defeated Rafael Nadal in the final.
  11. Our National Anthem
    was first sung
    on 27th December 1911 
    at the Kolkata Session of INC.
  12. The Times of India's status:
    Just in: Former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin's son Ayazuddin passes away
  13. Washington: Cities in India, China&Africa r recording d world's highest rates of urbanisation, according to a new study
  14. Name of inn in Treasure Island?
    -Admiral Benbow
  15. Who sailed in d Nina  Pinta & Santa Maria?-Christophr columbus
  16. How many feet in a fathom?
  17. which film had song Springtime for Hitler?
    -The Producers.
  18. What was Skippy ( on TV )?
    -The bush kangaroo.
  19. What does a funambulist do?
    -Tightrope walker
  20. Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?
    -Judas Escariot.
  21. Whos band was The Quarrymen?-John Lenon.
  22. Halophobia fear of Speaking.
  23. Why is the city La Paz in Bolivia safe from fire?
    -To high-Not enough air to burn
  24. Which Sultan of Delhi brought Ashokas Pillar to Delhi ?-Firozshah Tughlaq.
  25. The Poorna Swaraj Resolution adopted at the Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress was moved by:

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