Samanya Gyan Prashn 2020

  1. The Penguin is d only bird that can swim bt can't fly
  2. NASA discvrd a planet dat is orbiting 2 suns& has been named as Kepler-16b. Kepler is orbiting 2 stars simultaneously
  3. :Where is the Mosquito Coast?
  4. SIRIUS' is also known as Dark Star& Dog Star
  5. Alurophobia:
    Fear of Cats
  6. What is the working principle of a transformer?
    Answer : Electro magnetic induction.
  7. A red objct,wen seen thru a thick blue glass,appears BLACK.
  8. heatng elemnt of an electrc iron is made up of NICHROME
  9. Raman effect involves Scattering of light.
  10. Hydro-Power is the term used for
    electricity produced through WATER.
  11. Fathom is the unit for measuring Depth of water.
  12. The fourth state of matter is Plasma.
  13. The first Martyr of India's freedom movement?
    -Mangal Paandey on March 29, 1857
  14. Authr of Panchatantra:vhsnu shrma
  15.  Microwave frequency band is above 1000MHz
  16. The units of Length, Mass and Time are called Fundamental units.
  17. If one looks into a mirror and finds the image larger than normal, one conclude that the mirror is Concave.
  18. Aditya is a space craft whose mission is 2study Sun. Aditya is proposd 2b sent in2space by 2012 to study d solar corona
  19. What high-level computer language was named after a French mathematician and philosopher?
  20. The first large scale, general purpose digital computer:
  21. Macintosh comptr intrducd in 1984,super bowl ads
  22. Which computer company introduced mouse for the first time?
    -Apple Corporation.
  23. Binary Code� used in computers makes use of which numbers:
    >0 & 1
  24. One kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes
  25. Who inventd Microprocessor?
    -Ted Hoff
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