Online Exam Questions In English

  1. What is the number of squares on a chess board?
  2. Which city was d summer capitl of India durng British Rule?
  3. St. Petersburgcity chngd to Petrograd & Leningrad
  4. India decided to conduct a joint air exercise wth China
  5. "Nalchika" which was recently in news,
    is a city in Russia.
  6. Dr. S. Chandrashekhar is the author of the book "The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes".
  7. K.Balachander, known for his masterpieces Ek Duuje Ke Liye,Apoorva Raagangal was conferred the Dada Saheb Phalke award
  9. Jayalalitha sends letr to PM agnst N-plant
    *SBI profit 10K Cr
    *Gold Rs.28610
    Silvr Rs65k/kg
  10. 300 Engg Clgs haven't Occupied, May Close this Year
  11. RTC samme iye varaku Private City Bus Sevices @Hyd
  12. SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) is a device which is used in finding depth of the sea using "echo" from an object.
  13. The chemical which helps to fix d dye on fabrics is known as- Mordant.    
  14. Which places are connected by the Adam's bridge?
    Dhanushkodi (India) &
    Talaimannar (Srilanka).
  15. The Pacific Ocean was so named by:
  16. BCCI Vice president:
    Shivalal Yadav
  17. AGE minimum to be:

    *Vice president-35




  18. NTPC Limited (formerly National Thermal Power Corporation) was founded on November 7, 1975.

  19. *Sep8:
    Wrld Litrcy Day
    Wrld Ozone Day
  20. *Sep 21:
    Wrld Alzheimr's Day
    World Heart Day
    Day of d Deaf
  21. Bharat Ratna: 



    *Bhagwan Das:1955

  22. About 12 Lakh Chldrn Sufer from Cornea Problem in lndia
  23. Blindnes can b Preventd if 2% Pple Donate Eyes Aftr their Death

  24. Julian Assange has been awarded wth d prestigious Sydney Peace Prize 4d yr 2011
  25. *PSLV:Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle   
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