MCU Bhopal All Semester Exams Held On Dec-Jan 2020. Result Of These Exam Will Be Announced On Second Week Of Feb 2020.

Latest Results
  • MCU DCA 1-2 Rechecking (Dec-Jan 2020) Results: Watch Here
  • MCU PGDCA 1-2 Rechecking Results: Watch Here  
MCU Bhopal Results Updates 7 March 2019:- MCU Bhopal All Courses (PGDCA DCA, BCA & Other) Results Announced On 7th March 2019. Watch Your Result On Below Table.
22 Feb 2019 Updates:- MCU Bhopal Released Rechecking (Revise) Result Today. Watch Your Result On Below Table.
MCU Bhopal Recheck Result 2019:- The results of MCU Bhopal's PGDCA, DCA, BCA & Other courses were announced on February 9, 2019. But after the results came, there was a problem in the result. And against whom students protested to the University. The university has given instructions to declare the results again by looking at the students' points. This examination was taken by Makhanlal University from December 2018 to January 2019. Millions of students attended.

What Is The Matter Of MCU Makhanlal University Result 2019

This is a mess in the result. The students who were in the top so far. They were frustrated And many students who were even below average. They topped. Many types of such complaints are made by the students. This kind of complaint is made by the students with their teachers.

Students complaint seriously taken by Makhanlal University. Order it to be investigated. And created a team. This information was given by MCU Bhopal on February 13, 2019 through his site.

This re-check result information was given by MCU Bhopal on February 13, 2019. And in the evening removed all the results from the portal. Some results were declared in it and some were yet to be announced. 

The results were declared in PGDCA, DCA, MSc, BSc. And the result of the BCA was not yet announced. Now all the results will be announced after rechecking.

When will the MCU Bhopal Rechecking Result be declared?

Rechecking of the result can take a few days. And it can take 7-8 days to declare the result. Because rechecking means the complete result is to be recreated again. And in such a way, time can not be said.