Vyapam Abkasri Aarakshak Model Papers

Vyapam Abkasri Aarakshak Model Papers

    Cricketer of the Year
  2. Test Cricketer
  3.  ODI Cricketer
  4.   Emerging Player
  5. Present ICC (Intern'l Ckt Council)Chief Exe.Officer (CEO):-Haroon Lorga
  6. NCPR - National Customer Preference Register
  7. Miss Unvrse 2011@liela Lop
  8. ICC 1day captain Dhoni
  9. Dhoni wins ICC Spirit of crickt awrd
  10. We saw d ugly side of cricket: Dhoni
  11. Branch-Estd:







    IDBI- JULY 1964
  12. Agha KhanCup is associatd wth which game?
  13. Undr whose leadership was d all India MuslimLeague set up?
    Aga Khan
  14. Who founded Hyderabad:
    Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah(1591)
  15. Who founded Vijayanagar empire?
    Harihar and Bukka
  16. Miss Angola Leila Lopes wins Miss Universe 2011
  17. The most popular game in the United States of America is Baseball.
  18. 36,000 bullets used to kill 9 terrorists in 26/11
  19. Who was the Hindu king shown playing on the Veena, on ancient coins ?
    (A) Shivaji
    (B) Ashoka
    (C) Samudragupta
    Ans : (C)
  20. Jokovic wins the US Open 2011 to win his 3rd grand slam title this year.
  21. Jokovich beats Nadal to win US Open title.
    Jokovich got d better of defendng champion Rafael Nadal
    6-2, 6-4, 6-7(3), 6-1
  22. In which caves, 28 new caves have been discovered ?
    (A) Ajanta caves

    (B) Elephanta caves

    (C) Ellora caves

    Ans : (B)
  23. Bushmen are the native people from which continent ?
    (A)North America

    (B)South America



    Ans : (C)
  24. Which river originates in Rajasthan&ends in Gujarat?
    -Luni river
  25. Originates in Pushkar valley and ends in Rann(Gujarat)       
    1. With which country India has signed a Social Security Agreement on Sep 03, 2009? Switzerland 
    2. Which state is planning to start 64 model schools in backward districts under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)?Karnataka
    3. Who has been awarded male Golfer of the Year in the annual Golf Writers of America Awards? Tiger Woods
    4. Who has been conferred the prestigious Indira Gandhi Gold Plaque 2009 for significant contribution towards human progress? Sheikh Hasina
    5. How many Indian films were nominees for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film (Oscar awards) till now? three 
    6. Where is the headquarters of International Cricket Council (ICC)?  UAE
    7. Which is the first Indian bank to open its branches outside India? Bank of India 
    8.      The 35th National Games will be held at which of the following states? Kerala 
    9. Which bank has been awarded Golden Peacock National Training Award 2009?CanaraBank 
    10.   Which Islamic Country to setup its first ever co-educational university? Saudi Arabia
    11.  Recently which country has taken steps to take finger prints from all adult foreign visitors by 2012 to lighten immigration controls and prevent criminals? South Korea 
    12. Recently President Prathiba Patil visited which of the following countries in September 2009? Russia Tajikistan
    13.  Meenakshi Mukherjee recently passed away. She was a famous _____________? Literature
    14. Which bank has been adjudged the Best Bank for the year 2009 on Quality of Assets by Business Today-KPMG Study? Andra bank
    15. The Codename ‘Western Bridge’ is a joint Air exercise between India and ________? Oman
    16. What is the proposed percent of reservation for women in urban local bodies? 50 percent
    17. With which country India signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the area of Climate Change on October 22, 2009? Norway
    18. ‘Human Rights Day’ is observed on _________? Dec 10th
    19. Dorjee Khandu was in news recently.He was the chief minister of _________?Arunachal Pradesh 
    20. Which country won the Fed Cup? Italy
    21. Astrosat’ is India’s first astronomy satellite which is scheduled to launch in which of the following years? 2011
    22.  Sputnik -1 the World’s first artificial satellite (in 1957) successfully launched by which country? USSR
    23. How many countries became independent with the dissolution of USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1991? 15
    24. Kosovo declared Independence from which of the following countries in 2008? SERBIA
    25. Srilanka has declared victory over the LTTE(Liberation of Tamil Tigers) on May 16th 2009 after ____ years old civil war? 26  
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