Last Time Useful Questions For Competitive Exam 2018

  1. The famous work of Vedavyasa:
  2. The rupee coin is an alloy of:
    -Nickel and copper.
  3. The study of life in outer space is known as:
  4. Good Fridy is celebratd by Christians :
    -On this day Jesus Christ was crucified
  5. Thekkady is a wild life sanctuary
  6. The smallest union territory in India:
    - Lakshadweep.
  7. Orissa(Odisha) was known as Kalinga in ancient ages
  8. In which year golden jubilee is celebrated:
    -50th yr.
  9. Old name of Thailand:
  10. The theory of solar system was put forward by:
  11. Which is the official language of India ?
  12. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by :
  13. Meenambakkam airport is at :
  14. Which writer is known as Uroob?
    -P.C Kuttikrishnan
  15. Who 1st demanded a separate state of Pakistan?
    Md.Ali Jinnah
  16. The famous Hindu pilgrim centre Amarnath is in :
  17. Japanese Encephalities is spread by:
    Rat flea
  18. Who Said At the stroke of midnight , when the world sleep, India will awake to life and freedom :
    Jawaharlal Nehru
  19. Tass is the Central information Agency of :
  20. My truth is written by Indira Gandhi
  21. What is the present name of Southern Rhodesia:
  22. What is the sobriquet for Palestine ?
    - Holy Land
  23. The term breaststroke is associated with:
  24. The year 1996 was declared as the SAARC year of Literacy.          



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