One Liner Gk Questions | Useful Short Questions

Amit Sharma

One Liner Gk Questions | Useful Short Questions

  1. ISRO: Indian Space Research Organisation
  2. Photosynthesis is max. in: -Red light
  3. The strongest force of nature is: -Gravitational force
  4. Speed of light in a vacuum is: 299,792.458 km/sec.
  5. Acoustics is the study of SOUND
  6. Gas usd in d manfctre of Vanaspati 4m vegtbl oil is? Hydrogen
  7. Kalpana Chawla memorial planatorium is locatd in: Haryana
  8. The Organiztn of d Petroleum Exportng Countries (OPEC)was founded in Baghdad,Iraq in 1960 Currently - 12 Membr Countries
  9. 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Sikkim.
  10. Sanjay Jagdale to be new BCCI secrtry
  11. Srinivasan set to take over as BCCI chief.
  12. Who was d 1st Muslim King of India? -Qutub-ud-in Aibak.
  13. India joined United Nations in which year? -30th October,1945
  14. Petrol Price: *Lowest in Venezuela Rs.0.71/ltr.
  15. Petrol price Highest in Turkey Rs.114.50/ltr
  16. Most famous musician in Akbar's court was Tansen. His original name was?
    (a) Makaranda Pande
    (b) Ramatanu Pande
  17. What was the raw material that was generally used
    in Akbar's time ?
    (a) Marble
    (b) Bricks
    (c) Red Stone
    Ans : (C)
  18. Transport to be Under Esma
  19. 6 power plants in AP Run Out of Coal
  20. RTC Spl Buses for Dashara
  21. arrots,Milk:Lose Weight
  22. Govt subsidy on GasCylindr: Rs.272
  23. At which among d following "Quick Sand"wl be found?
    (C)Riverbanks, near lakes,or in marshes
  24.  What is d diff. of time on either side of d Intrn'nl Time Line?
    (A)0 Hours
    (B)12 hours
    (C)24 Hours
    (D)48 Hours
    Ans : (B)
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