1. The world�s oldest cinema competition:
    -Venice film Festivel
  2. The venue of the 9th SAARC summit:
    - Maldives
  3. Who reached the south pole first?
  4. Who reached the north pole first?
    -Robert Peary.
  5. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    was formed on 4th April'1949;
    currently 28 members
  6. The Penguin is the only bird that can swim but can't fly.
  7. Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon with his left foot first
  8. World's oldest zoo is located at Schonbrunn, Vienna, Austria.
  9. Built in 1752 by Emperor Franz-I fr his wife Maria Theresa
  10. 1st state to introduce d Panchayth Raj
  11. ISRO was setup in 1969
  12. The total length of Konkan Railway is 760 Km
  13. Final colours by d mixng of primry colors of light.
  14. Hindi divas 14th Sept.
  15. 39th G8 summit (2013):
    - United Kingdom
  16. Krishna River flows through which states ?
    (A)Maharastra, Karnataka
    (B)Maharastra,Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

    Ans : (B)
  17. Which of the following two rivers empty in Gulf of Khambhat?
    (A)Narmada and Tapti rivers

    (B)Jhelum and Tapti

    Ans : (A)
  18. Train mishap near Chennai, 10 dead, 100 injured.
  19. Delhi HC blast probe: no leads yet in the case
  20. #Umpire of the Year
  21. Spirit of Cricket Award
  22. LG People's Choice Awrd
  23. T20 performance of d Year
  24. Women's Cricketer
  25. Associate & Affiliate Player
    -ten DOESCHATE.