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Police Exam GS & GK Questions 2015 - Monthly Updated

  1. Stomach has to produce a
    new layer of mucus every 2
    weeks otherwise it will digest itself
  2. The Central Board of Film Certification(The Censor Board)
    was formed in 1952.
    *HQs - Mumbai;
    -Leela Samson
  3. CBFC currently issues d followng certifcts
    *U/A-Parental Guidance
    *A-Adults Only
    *S-Restricted to spl class
  4. Who has been electd as 1st woman P.M of Denmark?

    Helle Thorning-Schmidt
  5. Anil Kakodkar to head 'railway safety panel'
  6. 1t computr in India was installed in d Hd Post Ofc of Banglre on:
  7. Cirrhosis is a disease that affects Liver
  8. NASA:
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  9. Finland has nearly 187,888 lakes and 179,584 Islands.
  10. Mughal architecture reveals a blending of?
    (a) Indian & Persian styles
    (b) Timurid & Indian styles
  11. The Buddhist sculpture and art is found at ?
    (a) Mahabalipuram

    (b) Vijayanagar

    (c) Kanchi

    (d) Amravati

    Ans : (C)
  12. The coins of which dynasty reveal their love for music?
    (a) Mauryas

    (b) Cholas

    (c) Chalukyas

    (d) Guptas

  13. The things which live
    after Death....!!






  14. Anant Pai popularly known as Uncle Pai, was the creator of Indian comics
  15.  Logitech releases iPad keyboard
  16. Petrol is cheapest in Venezuela at just Rs 1.14 per litre. In Iran, Rs 4.8 P/L
  17. Petrol in India is more expensive.
  18. Birudulu:
    -vishwa vikhyata sangeetha kalasaraswathi.

    -Allu Ramalingaiah jatiya puraskaram.
  19. *YouTube is Bihar's new anti-bribe tool.
    *I do not work on communal lines:Narendra Modi.
  20. Largest Inter Governmental Organisation is?
    -United Nation Organisation.
  21. Prime Minister of JAPAN is?
    -Yoshihiko Noda
  22. TG lo Buses bandh frm Today MIDnite
    INTERnational POLice


    188 countries

    2nd largest inter governmental organisation
  24. Decimal system of numbers is originated in?
  25. Polo was 1st played in which country?
    -Persia (Iran, Afghanistan)
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