General Studies Model Paper | Series 1 | Latest Updated 2018

  1. *The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 was brought into force by the Indian govt frm October 26, 2006
  2. Capitalism is based upon 'Laissez-fair system'.
    What is 'Laissez-fair system'?
    No Governmental intervention
  3. The Persian Gulf is the warmest sea. 
    In the summer it's temp. reaches 35.6 degrees centigrade.
  4. Who introduced the railways & telegraphs in India ?

    (a) Lord Dalhousie

    (b) Lord Canning

    (c) Lord Hardinage
    Ans : (A)
    Tamilnadu C.M.- JAYLALITA
  5. *FDI:
    Foreign Direct Investment

    First Information Report

    Portable Document Format
  6. India's first Titanium Sponge plant, 
    recently has been inaugurated
    by d Defence Minister A.K. Antony
    at Kollam (Kerala)
  7. The Pilot project recently launched by Prez Pratibha Patil which aims to empower women in rural areas:
    -Sanchar Shakti.
  8. History:
    Sep. 19, 1957 - The U.S. conducted its first underground nuclear test. The test took place in the Nevada desert
  9. The United Nations has Six Official Languages.

    1. French
    2. Russian
    3. English
    4. Spanish
    5. Chinese
    6. Arabic
  10. Earnest Rutherford is the British Physicist who identified d three types of radiation emitted by radioactive substances.
  11. *Who is d first Prez of the United States of America?
    -George Washington.
  12. Harare was previously known as Salisbury      
  13. *Which film is in Aramaic&Latin?
    -The Passion of d Christ
  14. *Bjorn Borg won Wimbledn Men's Singles Championshp in 1977.
  15. How many metres is one mile?
  16. Bolivia is landlocked.
    *Yugoslavia means "The land of the Southern Slavs"
  17. Which state of USA was once part of Russia?
  18. What did d Greeks call d present day Amu River in Iran?
  19. Diamond is not a metal.
  20. Which language is written in five scripts?
    - Konkani.
  21. "Yen" is the currency of JAPAN..
  22. Who was told Beware the Ides of March?
    -Julius Caesar
  23. Switzerland's postal stamps have the name "Helvetia"
  24. Which is the national flower of Australia?
    -Golden Wattle.
  25. What is the number of squares on a chess board?
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